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Squid Game

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For a few weeks now, the Netflix series“Squid Game” has been making headlines. One reason is that it is so successful. On the other hand, it is also reported that many children watch the series and act out scenes from it with other children. However, the series contains very brutal scenes and is therefore marked with an age rating of 16. Topics that are problematic and overwhelming for children include organ trafficking and depictions of sadism.

Series from 16 – what do I have to do?

Make sure that your child cannot watch the series at home if he or she is not yet 16 years old. To do this, you can set parental control settings on Netflix. If your child has a child profile, then he or she will not be able to view content that is not age-appropriate. You can also protect an account with a PIN. For more information, click here.

Your child may still watch the series or come into contact with it, for example, at school, through friends, or in apps and onlien games. Even young people who are already 16 years old or older sometimes cannot process the violence in the series themselves. If your child has had an unpleasant experience with the series, be sure to talk about it with your child and convey that the story in the series has little to do with reality.

More support and information

More information for parents and suggestions for dealing with the series can be found on the following websites:

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