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Disney+ – Nemo, Rapunzel & Co. as a streaming offer

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There seems to be something for young and old on Disney +: from animated classics like Snow White and Mickey Mouse to big blockbusters like Star Wars and the most popular Disney films of recent years like Rapunzel – Rewired. Here’s what parents should know about the offer:

In a nutshell:

  • Available in Germany since the end of March 2020
  • family and child friendly offer
  • monthly subscription for €6.99, annual subscription for €69.99
  • Child profile can be created

What does Disney + offer?

The streaming portal has a large selection of movies and series to offer, similar to
Amazon Prime
and Co. In addition to successful movies from Walt Disney and Pixar of recent years, older Disney movies that parents still remember from their childhood are also on offer. In addition, there are exciting documentaries from National Geographic. Episodes of current Disney Channel series are also published on the platform at weekly intervals. This way, there is less danger of watching through an entire season without a break. There is also the option of downloading content. Disney + can therefore also be used on the go with any Internet-enabled device. So far, the offer is not as large as on Netflix, for example. However, more films could be added over time.

What fascinates younger and older people about the offer?

Disney+ is clear and easy to use for children. All movies and series are mostly PG-rated and family friendly. That is why they are especially popular with children and families. There are no films with a high age restriction (more than FSK 12) on Disney+, or certain scenes have been cut out of individual films so that they are also suitable for younger children.
Teenagers and adults enjoy the favorite films of their own childhood. With the price, the offer is cheaper than most streaming portals so far.

What else should you know?

Disney+ has few additional parental control settings because of its primarily adult content. However, films from the age of 12 can also be found in the offer. Especially smaller children can still be frightened by such films. It is therefore important to guide children in their film selection and viewing.

By creating a children’s profile, the movies that do not have a release for younger children will not be displayed. Parents can set up a child profile by clicking on ‘Edit profiles’ and there ‘Add a new profile’ and then ticking ‘Child profile’. Each profile, except for the main profile, can also be subsequently changed into a child profile.

If you have a monthly payment option, you can cancel Disney+ at any time under the menu item ‘Account’ under ‘Billing details’ if you do not want to use it for a certain period of time.

As a parent, what should you be aware of when using Disney+?

Since Disney+ is primarily aimed at children, they will quickly become accustomed to having access to their favorite series and movies at all times. You no longer have to wait anxiously for your next trip to the movies. This gives films a different value than parents may remember from their childhood. Nevertheless, they can become a great experience, for example, during a movie night with the family. Bring the movie experience home by, for example, preparing popcorn together and choosing a Disney movie together. Time with parents and siblings is very important for children. Regular rituals can help to use media time wisely in the family.

Especially accompany young children watching movies. Find out about specific movies and series in advance. For a younger child, choose short episodes rather than long movies. Also, schedule plenty of screen-free time for other activities such as walks in the fresh air or hobbies. Talk about set media times within the family.

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