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The Influencer Clothing Brand – Merch

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Maybe somewhere in your closet you still have a T-shirt from your favorite band from your youth. Or you like to go to the soccer and therefore of course have the whole fan collection of your club – from scarf to jersey to bed linen. But nowadays not only sports clubs and musicians market such products, but also influencers. So-called merch from the idols is also exciting for children and teenagers.

What exactly is merch?

Merch is the short form of merchandise and the English term for marketing. Merchandise products range from trading cards, game pieces and key chains to T-shirts, jerseys and even costumes. The jersey of the favorite soccer team is often available in baby size, the Ninjago characters as trading cards and Princess Elsa also appears on lunch boxes and backpacks. From infancy merchandise is present.

The merch of the influencers

Many YouTubers and influencers also run their own merch store online. There are regularly new collections of T-shirts, hoodies and bags. This merch is rarely available in “normal” stores. Influencers draw attention to this in their videos, stories, etc. Many children and teenagers want to support their favorite influencers by buying such items. Through frequent advertising, they get the feeling that each new collection is something exclusive and rare.

This merch, just like that of bands and sports clubs, expresses belonging to a group. In addition, the influencer or musician stands for something specific, which is also transferred to the person wearing the corresponding T-shirts and sweaters with his or her merch.

Such merch is usually produced by other companies. These are not always high quality products. The prices for the things are often quite expensive, because you pay not only the sweater, but also the brand and the design. Learn more in the video from Pocket Money.

What to look for in influencer merch?

Before you comply with your child’s request for advertised clothing from a particular YouTuber, answer the following questions together:

  • What does the influencer stand for? Can I or my child stand behind it?
  • Is it just a short-term interest or has my child been excited about the influencer for a longer period of time?
  • Is the price for the merch reasonable and is the quality right?
  • Is there a secure payment option? Can the things be exchanged free of charge?

You should also make sure that you handle the payment. Never give your child your bank account or credit card information.

Allow your child to be a fan. It’s part of growing up, as you probably know from your own childhood and adolescence. When it comes to merch, however, be critical of whether everything needs to be purchased. Encourage your child to think about it, too.

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