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TIGERBOX – more than just a loudspeaker?

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0-10 years
Tool description
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The tigerbox wants to be “Much more than just a speaker” – that’s what the provider’s website says. Like other audio boxes, it is a modern and popular alternative to cassette recorders and CD players.

In a nutshell:

  • for children from 2-12 years (according to the manufacturer)
  • handy and robust listening box with wooden case and light bar
  • simple operation with large buttons
  • Music and stories playable via the tigertones app or via SD card
  • available in different editions

What is the tigerbox?

The best way to describe the tigerbox is as a square Bluetooth speaker with a wooden or bamboo casing, each of which is supposed to provide good sound. The few and extra large yellow buttons on the tigerbox make it child’s play to operate. (In the bamboo edition, these are curved inward and ergonomic). There is also a light bar that responds to music and sound. If not everyone is supposed to listen in, headphones can also be connected.

In order for your child to listen to any of the variety of songs and stories, you will need to download the tigertones app. This includes more than 1000 radio plays and children’s songs, depending on the account. After connecting the tigerbox to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, your child can listen to stories from popular characters such as Benjamin Blümchen or the Olchis within a range of up to 10 meters. The whole thing also works offline if you download individual audio plays in the app or by playing your own content via an SD card with the box.

What excites children and adults about the tigerbox?

The simple and practical operation as well as the large selection of audio material suitable for children makes the tigerbox interesting for children. Parents will certainly appreciate the fact that you can control the content and listening time via an app. Also, by recording to the SD card yourself, you will always know what your child is listening to.

For the purchase of a tigerbox you currently pay just under 40.00 €. The cost factor of the actual box is relatively low compared to other listening boxes for children.

What does the provider say?

The tigerbox is described as “The smart audio system for the children’s room and on the road”. According to the manufacturer, the difference to conventional Bluetooth speakers is that the tigerbox was developed by children’s media experts with children’s needs in mind. In addition to the ease of use, the carrying strap and the rubberized, colorful anti-slip surface guarantees the sturdiness of the box (also for travel). In addition, content is delivered via the ad-free and child-safe app tigertones, according to the provider.

What should you look out for as a parent?

is relatively inexpensive compared to similar boxes, but you should note that for the premium account of the tigertones app– i.e. full access to all content – you will need to take out a paid subscription. The first four weeks you can use the app for free in premium mode using a voucher code, after that the premium subscription costs €4.99. You must also cancel the trial subscription for this in good time.

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