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Tutoring on the Internet – lessons are just a click away

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Another week like that: English vocabulary test on Tuesday and the math test on Thursday. However, many parents simply do not have the time to study with their child every day. One support could be tutoring from the net. The market is now huge.

What is online tutoring exactly?

Learning on the Internet can look very different: Learning videos often convey the learning material in an entertaining way, which means that children and young people are captivated and enjoy watching the videos. Some videos explain facts rather superficially, others deepen a certain aspect of content. With the so-called learning games, the knowledge transfer apparently moves into the background, so that the learning material is anchored playfully and quite incidentally.

Classic tutoring is also available “live” online: Teachers and students get in touch via a platform and arrange individual appointments. During the tutoring session, communication then takes place via webcam and headset, e.g. via Skype.

Advantages of online tutoring

The flexibility of online learning is particularly convincing. This works with learning videos that can be watched as many times as you like. Tutoring with a personal contact person via the Internet is also flexible in terms of time. In theory, your child can choose individual dates each week when he or she would like to learn and which fit into the family’s daily routine. The tutoring sessions are therefore not bound to a fixed day of the week. This can increase motivation to learn because it gives your child some freedom. Moreover, online tutoring is possible from any location – even if your child is with grandparents, for example, the lessons can be realized via the Internet. Often, online tutoring is also less expensive than offline offerings.

Many tutoring portals also store your child’s learning level. This way, both your child and you as a parent can follow the learning successes. Your child’s overall motivation can be increased by learning with digital media, since they are used by adolescents every day anyway and should therefore be included in learning.

This is what parents should pay attention to

If you want to use tutoring online for child, you should inform yourself exactly about the contents, functions and costs of the different offers. The tutoring market on the net is confusing. Evaluations by other learners and comparative tests can be helpful in the selection process. Use objective evaluations, such as those from the Internet ABC.

Click through the offerings together to decide what is most appropriate for your child. Many offers trial periods of up to one month. In addition to the content, it is also crucial whether your child can cope with the operation and functions.

Basically, no online program can provide direct contact and a personal relationship with a tutor. Therefore, such an offer is not suitable for every child. You should be aware that online tutoring requires a lot of personal responsibility from your child. It needs to know exactly about its learning gaps. Your own (learning) motivation should be high enough to stay “on the ball” independently, since no “real” tutor reminds you of the practice sessions. Try to assess whether your child is old enough for this.

Especially in case of serious school problems, it is not necessarily advisable to rely only on online tutoring.

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