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Make smartphone gadgets yourself

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From cell phone cases, buttons that are stuck to the smartphone as a holder, to VR glasses that allow you to dive into 3D worlds via smartphone… There are plenty of gadgets you can buy for your electronic companions. It’s cheaper and also more personal to make them yourself – and a nice joint family project at that! Here are some ideas for DIY projects (Do It Yoursellf/Make It Yourself) around the smartphone.

Cell phone holder from everyday materials

It’s not always easy to hold your phone while a long video is playing. A homemade cell phone holder provides a remedy.

  • Variant 1: A piece is cut out of an upright toilet roll so that the smartphone can lie in it. The gray toilet roll can still be painted or decorated. The whole thing also works with a lying roll. However, this must be stabilized so that it does not roll away, for example, with a pencil glued on each side.
  • Variant 2: Do you perhaps still have an old cassette lying around at home? Cassette out, cover folded down and placed down. The cell phone fits crosswise in this sturdy stand and your child can still colorfully stick or paint the cassette case.
  • Variation 3: A piece of cardboard a little larger than a business card is folded in half and cut diagonally. It should be noted that two edges remain at the bottom end, so that the smartphone does not slip off.

Even more ideas for creative cell phone holders and illustrated instructions can be found here.

Color pen and aluminum foil stylus

If you prefer to use a stylus rather than your fingers to type on your smartphone, you can easily make your own stylus. To do this, simply wrap a piece of aluminum foil around any pen and glue it down. However, it should be noted that the small corners on the aluminum foil are rounded and the pen should only be used on devices with a protective foil to avoid scratches on the screen.

Speaker amplifier for smartphone

Every smartphone has a speaker, but sometimes it’s not loud enough. An empty chip box can serve as a reinforcement. First, cut a slit in it according to the thickness of the smartphone and attach a few feet to it with plasticine or similar, so that the can does not roll away. The smartphone is placed in the can with the speaker (usually at the bottom of the device). It’s best to fill it with some toilet paper so that it doesn’t sound too reverberant. The amplifier is ready! You can find more tips here.

If the ideas are not enough: There are many more craft instructions for cell phone gadgets, such as cell phone cases, smartphone beamers or headphone cases. For example, search YouTube for terms like “tinker smartphone”. together with your child afterwards.

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