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It is natural for adults and young people to search for information on the Internet and to use search engines. Younger children, who are just learning to read and write, must first be introduced to learning via the Internet. After all, it is not easy to filter out the appropriate content from the large quantities of information. In addition, much of the content is not made for children, but is aimed at adults. This can quickly overwhelm children.

Fortunately, there is a good supply of German-language children’s sites online. Not only are they fun, but they also help you learn.

Why should we use special websites for children?

Just as children’s books are suitable for learning to read in the first few years, offers aimed at children should also be used for the first steps on the Internet. Such children’s sites are understandable and simple in language. They are not overloaded, so that Internet beginners can easily orient themselves and learn how to use digital media. Children can participate themselves on these pages in a safe environment: they can get in touch with other children and express their own opinions.

In addition, children’s sites can serve as learning support because they offer child-friendly information on many different topics and these are often implemented in a playful manner.

What makes good children’s sites for learning?

  • They are encouraging, inspiring and stimulating.
  • They have clear and transparent goals for adults and children.
  • They are user friendly.
  • They have trustworthy content.
  • They provide security and privacy.
  • They disclose functions and handle advertising or product mentions responsibly.

Which children’s sites are suitable for which learning topics?

We recommend the following sites for language and German learning:

  • Amira is a reading program for elementary school students. Besides German, 8 other languages are offered. Amira requires registration on the site.
  • Graf Ortho’s spelling workshop is very simple and helps students with German spelling.
  • Legakids provides support for dyslexia. With the reading monster Lurs children learn to deal with writing and reading problems.
  • On Signgrips there are explanatory videos in sign language (and spoken language) on very different topics for sign-oriented children. Other children can also experience and learn about sign language here.
  • The site englischlernspiele.de helps with learning English. Here students or parents and teachers can take or create vocabulary tests and other learning games.
  • Children who can already understand and read English can find language games, songs, and more on the British Council’s LearnEnglish Kids site.

Recommended sites on the topics of mathematics and subject matter:

  • Elementary school kids can find math games, practice sheets, and more at the fun-looking site Coollama. The site also offers material for parents and teachers.
  • If you have done your homework but would like to find more tasks for the subjects geography, history and mathematics (beyond the elementary school level), you will find what you are looking for at Aufgabenfuchs.
  • The online environmental magazine Ökoleo offers a lot of interesting information and suggestions on environmental and factual topics for children with a little more Internet experience.
  • On the junior portal of the WWF – one of the world’s largest conservation organizations – children can learn a lot about animals, nature and the environment.
  • NAJUversum is an online platform of the youth association of the German Nature Conservation Union. Here, elementary school-aged children can explore the different habitats of our land and get ideas for crafts and research.
  • Tierchenwelt is an online encyclopedia about animals – with texts, photos, videos, games and more.

There is also much to learn in the areas of art and creativity:

  • On the Knipsclub photo platform, children can learn about photography and, if they are registered, also exchange ideas in a protected space.
  • Many children like to paint. At the Kritzel Klub , they can do this digitally on a virtual white surface using a variety of tools.
  • Labbé has craft and game ideas for kids. The numerous suggestions can also be very helpful for parents.

The following pages deal with the learning topics religion and society:

  • The website Discover Religions is aimed at children and young people, who can learn a lot about different religions.
  • Discover Church is a children’s site of the Protestant Church. With Kira the magpie, children can virtually explore a church or the story of Martin Luther.
  • Many children do not understand why people in the world wage war. The Ask Peace page addresses children’s concerns and questions about this in a child-friendly way.
  • The Hanisauland site offers children between the ages of 8 and 14 simple and understandable approaches to the topic of politics.
  • Kindersache is an offer from the German Children’s Fund. Here, children will find current and child-friendly news, the JUKI video portal, an animated film studio and numerous hands-on activities.

Children’s sites that support learning across subjects:

  • On Homeschooling4kids there are learning materials for different subjects (in elementary school) for varied learning at home.
  • In the Hamster Box, students in grades 1 through 6 will find learning stories and theme pages for various school subjects.
  • Planet Schule, the school television program from SWR and WDR, has an Internet portal for children of primary school age – with films, interactive games and more.
  • The Anton app is a website and learning app that offers important topics from school to match the curriculum. The app offers tasks and games in all subjects such as German, math, English, science, biology, etc. for grades 1 to 13.
  • Various sites offer good encyclopedias for children to find understandable explanations of terms and topics: The mini-encyclopedia is suitable for beginning readers. We also recommend Klexikon and fragFINN’s school search engine.

This collection is only a selection of good children’s sites for learning. If you know of other good sites, feel free to share your experiences via our contact form or via social media on our Facebook or Instagram channel.

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