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Popular games: MrAttorney: Lawyers Legacy

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Lawyers Legacy, or the “Mr. Lawyer Game,” is a pretty successful independent indie game, with over 500,000 downloads on the Google Play Store. The game is a fun little jump ‘n’ run game, in which the players take on the role of the well-known TikTok -Influencer Mr. Lawyer.

In a nutshell:

  • Small 2D Jump ‘n’ Run game
  • available for Android, iOS and PC
  • Age rating: USK 12 years (violence – in-game purchases)
  • Free for Android and iOS, €5.00 on Steam
  • Contains advertising

What can Lawyers Legacy do?

In Lawyers Legacy, game players take on the role of Tim Hendrik Walter aka “Mr.Lawyer,” a well-known influencer on TikTok . In his videos, he explains legal topics in a simple and understandable way, reaching many millions of clicks. In the intro of the game, Mr. Lawyer learns that some teachers have locked their students in the school so that they can learn even more. This is against the law and the game end must try to save the students as Mr. Lawyer.

The story is embedded in a fun jump ‘n’ run game that leads the players through the school building jumping and running in different levels. These elements are complemented by fights against teachers who try to stop Mr. Lawyer. In Lawyers Legacy the player can choose between four difficulty levels. The game is challenging even on the lowest difficulty, as controlling it via smartphone requires some practice.

What fascinates children and young people about it?

With its jump ‘n’ run mechanics and two-dimensional visuals, Lawyers Legacy exudes the retro charm of popular classic games. Elements from school like mat carts in gym class are familiar to kids and teens and always makes them smile when they play.

The game was set to music by the influencer Mr. Lawyer himself. The game also features other well-known TikTokers, such as Laschakv, who makes funny videos about school. The game was developed by TikToker Yannick, who keeps his community up to date on the development of his games on social media channels. It is precisely this interactive process that makes the game so successful. Players can always share suggestions and criticism via TikTok and Co and thus participate in the development of the game.

What can be problematic about the offer?

In Lawyers Legacy, there are struggles with depictions of violence against teachers. However, the battles are kept very abstract, which older children and teenagers can usually cope with.

Those who want to play Lawyers Legacy on PC will pay €5.00 for the game on the Steam platform. Since the game is free for Android and iOS, there are always commercial breaks within the game. These promote unfiltered other apps and games from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store . These may include gambling mechanisms or the like, and some of them are not suitable for children. It is difficult to skip these commercials or click away after playing them.

About the provider

Since late 2021, TikToker Yannick has been developing the Mr. Lawyer game and sharing the entire development process on social media. Yannick is an independent game developer, where the community comments at TikTok can help shape the development of the game. Currently, the game is still in the development phase and only the levels for physical education are ready and playable. More levels and bosses as well as a global multiplayer are planned.

What should parents pay attention to?

While dealing with teachers in Lawyers Legacy may not be to your liking – show interest in your child’s favorite games and stay in conversation with them about them. Find out about the age ratings of video games and make an assessment of what kind of violent depiction your child can handle well. Lawyers Legacy is primarily aimed at teenagers and is not suitable for younger children due to the USK age rating of 12.

Even though the game has few levels at this early stage of development, it is important to discuss rules about media use within the family. Make binding agreements with your child about smartphone use and screen time.

There are always commercial breaks in the game. Educate your child about mechanisms of online advertising and encourage a conscious approach to advertising and dark patterns such as banner ads that are difficult to overcome. Deposit in the Google Play Store no payment options, so that your child can not accidentally buy an app advertised in the game.

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