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Computer games are a topic in many families and often a cause for conflict. On Elternguide.online there are lots of articles where you can get suggestions for dealing with games in the family. A small selection:

Parents ask – we answer: What should I watch out for when my son plays video games?

Children and young people love to play games – including computer and online games. Media educator Fabian Wörz explains in a video what needs to be considered.

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Fascination Gaming – What makes gaming fun?

Immerse yourself in game worlds, compete with others, switch off and cultivate friendships. In this article, we explain what attracts children and young people to video games.

“Just this one more round!” – Games in the family

Here you will find a collection of tips for dealing with computer games in your family. The article is available to read and as an audio file. Helpful setting options for devices and platforms to limit the playing time and protect against costs can be found in this text.

“But mom, that game isn’t bad at all!” – Age restrictions for games

Which game is suitable for my child? In this article you will find information on the protection of minors in video games and what else you should look out for when choosing games. Who actually checks what age a game is suitable for? We explain interesting facts about the age rating of digital games in Germany in the article on the Entertainment Software Self-Regulation Body (USK).

When the circle of friends consists of avatars – communication in online games

Computer games are a very communicative activity because gamers often meet online to play. You can read about the opportunities and risks involved in this in this article. In addition to general communication risks such as online bullying, hate among gamers and extremist speech on gaming forums can also become an issue.


My child wants a game console – now what?

If the game is not played on a smartphone or computer, a games console is used. This is at the top of many wish lists – read our article to find out what you should bear in mind. Gambling – but safely! Security settings for Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Playstation can be found in this article. Various game mechanics can increase the pressure to keep playing and make it difficult to find an end to the game.

Improve skills with online gaming

More and more people are becoming aware that computer games have many positive effects. You can read more about this in our article.

Much more on Elternguide.online

This is only a small selection of contributions to the topic. On our page you will find an introduction to the five most popular genres of online games and descriptions of the most popular computer and mobile games among children and young people, such as Roblox, Minecraft, Brawl Stars and Fortnite. We offer explanations of gaming platforms such as Twitch and Steam and cloud gaming services such as Amazon Luna, shedding light on various distribution channels for games in general and the games-as-a-service business model in particular. You can also find articles on our website about dangers such as violence in games or computer game addiction and much more.

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