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Reading promotion with Antolin

2 minutes reading time
6-17 years
Tool description

Antolin is an online portal for reading promotion from grade 1 to 10. antolin.de (antolin.westmann.de) combines learning at school with reading in the afternoon. Antolin is primarily aimed at schools, educational institutions and libraries.

In a nutshell:

  • antolin.de is available via browser or as an app, for a one-time purchase for €2.99.
  • Quizzes on classics of children’s and youth literature and important new publications
  • Book quiz in English, French, Polish, Slovenian, Spanish, Turkish and other languages
  • Antolin Special: Articles about famous people

What is Antolin?

Antolin asks quiz questions about more than 116,000 books for children and young adults. It is a kind of library for quizzes. Children and young people register through their school, choose a book title on Antolin and, after reading it, take a quiz on it and earn points. Antolin also provides tips and tricks for better and faster reading. In addition, the portal offers promotions such as a reading night, sponsored reading and reading contests . Only teachers, schools, and libraries can purchase Antolin licenses and share registration information for children and teens.

There are two apps from Antolin that are designed to promote children’s reading skills through reading, guessing and searching games. However, the quizzes on books are not included in the apps. The Antolin app for the 1. and 2nd class and for the 3. and 4th grade is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. The apps cost €2.99 each.

How does Antolin work?

Children and young people are provided with a user name and password. Then they get books from the library, from a reading box or from the shelf at home. They can read everywhere. At home, on the train or at school. After finishing the book or a chapter, children and young people can go to Antolin on a tablet, smartphone or PC, enter their book title and start a quiz about it. Antolin asks several questions: How did … come about? Who did they follow …? Why did … happen? Children and young people tap an answer and at the end they get points for finishing a quiz.

What fascinates children and young people about Antolin?

Antolin shows children and young people what they have read, how many books they have read and whether they have understood them well. These are welcome occasions to rejoice with the children. For trying hard and accomplishing something, for finishing a book in the general stress of school and the day. It happens again and again that children suddenly read much more than one would have believed them capable of. One child, who doesn’t usually read much, devoured an entire series of books over the vacations.

What should parents pay attention to?

Antolin provides teachers and parents with meaningful information about their children’s text comprehension and reading performance. You can see progress on how much the kids have read and send them individual praise via a mailbox. Also, parents and teachers can award certificates and medals.

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