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Internet-ABC: Driver’s license for the net

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3-13 years
Social Media
Tool description

The offer Internet ABC is aimed at children, parents and teachers. Children learn how to navigate the Internet safely on their own through playful learning modules, and parents get lots of tips and support for their children’s media education.

In a nutshell:

  • Information and learning platform for topics related to the Internet
  • for children from 5 to 12 years
  • free of charge and free of advertising
  • Learning modules, tips and tricks

What can it do?

Internet-ABC supports children of primary school age in gradually learning how to use the Internet safely. Interactive learning modules on various topics such as chatting, data privacy or social media are offered for this purpose. Through puzzles, games and animal companions, children learn to recognize and deal with dangers on the Internet in a playful way. The offer is also aimed at parents and educational professionals and supports them in teaching media literacy on the Internet. In addition to tips and explanations, there is concrete assistance such as the media usage contract or the driver’s license for the Net. An extensive lexicon explains terms on the net like post or spam.

What fascinates children about it?

Internet ABC enables children to learn independently. Complex media topics are presented in a playful and child-friendly way. In this way, children learn to use the Internet independently. The games and puzzles are fun and the website is constantly updated. Particularly popular is the so-called surfing license, in which children obtain a “driver’s license for the net” by passing self-tests.
There is also the possibility to comment on posts such as the joke of the month and thus exchange ideas with each other. The comments are first checked for insults or private details and only then released.

What does the provider think?

The Internet-ABC provider of the same name is an association in which, among others, the state media authorities in Germany are members. Internet-ABC does not use advertising and is free of charge. The providers of the Internet-ABC website also explain exactly what data is collected from users and what happens to it. They claim to use only a necessary cookie and to keep personal data under lock and key.

What should parents pay attention to?

Independent media use is important for children and promotes media literacy. Services such as the Internet ABC enable children to participate in the Internet and support you in teaching your child to use it responsibly. Such offers are therefore a useful addition to their media education at home.
Even if children can navigate sites like Internet-ABC on their own responsibility, it is important that you discover the Internet together with your children for the time being and that you are there to help with questions and problems. Thus, although the website warns against leaving the Internet ABC when clicking on links. Nevertheless, your child may encounter inappropriate content on other websites. Therefore, talk to your child and accompany him or her as often as possible when using media. Protective programs like jusprog, which block content that is not age-appropriate, are also helpful.
Equally important are common rules and time limits in which your child can move alone on the net. They can get tips and help with media education via the Internet-ABC website or other offers and stay informed about current phenomena and topics. In addition, the exchange with other parents can be helpful.

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