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The “I write in block letters” learning app

2 minutes reading time
3-10 years
Tool description

The first attempts with a piece of paper and pen can sometimes be frustrating. It takes a bit of practice until all letters are clearly recognizable and your child finds his or her own print. The learning app I write in print aims to help with this.

In a nutshell:

  • Lernapp for Android and iOS
  • available in the App Store for 5,49 €
  • Age recommendation from 4 years
  • available in different languages

What can I write in print?

I write in print is a learning app for children to learn how to write and read print. There are five different categories. The simplest category is about tracing simple symbols. Basically, in each category your child will be shown how to move the finger. If you have completed your task well, you will be shown small funny animations as a reward, which you can influence a little yourself. The next categories are similar in structure and include the alphabet in upper and lower case letters and the numbers from zero to nine.

In addition, you are always informed via audio playback which letter or number is currently visible. The last category then involves writing whole words. This is where the special features of I write in print come into their own, because in the app you can configure almost everything yourself. To the already given words you can add as many words as you like. You can also record the corresponding audio playbacks yourself. Also, the app supports different user accounts, so multiple children can use the app at the same time. I write in print even saves all the children’s input – so you can see in reports what tasks your child does, how accurate they were and if there are any possible sources of error.

What fascinates children about the offer?

At the latest when your child comes into contact with older children, e.g. with older siblings who can already write, the desire arises in many to be able to handle pen and paper themselves. The learning app gives playful practice in writing and reading print, which the children often enjoy very much.

What can be problematic about the offer?

The app is recommended for ages four and up, but writing and reading are actually taught in elementary school. Children who already have skills by then tend to be bored frequently in class. However, it is a good sign if your child is enthusiastic about learning and wants to learn to write.

What should parents pay attention to?

If your inquisitive child already feels the desire to learn to read and write before starting school, you should be positive about it and support him or her. I write in print is a child-friendly program that introduces children to writing in a playful way. However, some parents tend to expect too much from their children too soon. Your child does not need to be able to read and write before school! After all, that’s what school is for. And when your child goes to school, the app can be a good companion to the lessons.

In any case, accompany your child during the first steps and be available for questions.


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