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Things to know about the trending app TikTok

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No app has attracted more attention in recent years than the short video app from China. Among parents, it sometimes leads to incomprehension or worries because TikTok is used a lot. You can read the most important info about the app in various articles on Elternguide.online.

TikTok – the hot short video app

Here you can find out everything you need to know about TikTok: What can the app do? What is problematic? What can and should I consider as a parent when my child uses the app? You can find our detailed tool description for TikTok here.

Control my child’s TikTok usage!?

As a parent, you may be worried about your child using the app. You hear about problematic content or even“addictive behavior“. TikTok offers the so-called accompanied mode as technical support. But technology alone is not enough to support your child’s media literacy. Read more in our article on this!

Learning with TikTok – How useful are the learning snacks in video format?

On TikTok there are not only purely entertaining clips. Some TikTokers want to convey information to viewers and answer questions. We clarify what these learning snacks in short video format can do. Read our article on the subject.

Who makes money with TikTok

As on other social media platforms, some influencers use TikTok to make money. There are several ways that young users should know to distinguish advertising from other content. You can find out which ones in the article“Who makes money with TikTok“.

TikTok and the war

You may have noticed that scary videos from the Ukraine war are also circulating on the video platform. How children and young people can protect themselves from this is explained in our article“TikTok and the war“.

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