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Learning with TikTok – How useful are the learning snacks in video format?

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The platform TikTok is used a lot and with pleasure, especially by young people. However, the app is not without controversy. Due to a lack of youth protection measures and questionable challenges, parents in particular have concerns.TikTok wants to improve the platform’s image with campaigns centered around positive content. For example, experts are encouraged to share their expertise on TikTok. Users get little learning snacks in the form of TikTok videos under the hashtag #lernenmittiktok (#learnwithtiktok). From facts from medicine and science, learning aids for foreign languages to cooking tips – the topics are wide-ranging and experts from different fields join in.

Learning along the way

The videos with an “aha” effect can motivate children and young people to engage with learning content. Topics that are usually discussed in school are packaged in entertaining videos and taught in an entertaining way by TikTokers. Young people can continue their education without school pressure. They are addressed emotionally and content can stick better.

Such learning content can be searched for specifically on TikTok. In addition to #lernenauftiktok and #lernen, other terms can also be entered in the search box. For example, if your child is particularly interested in creative writing or needs help learning German, you can browse together for suitable videos and profiles. Through the comment function under individual videos, your child can ask questions and exchange ideas with other users about the content.

TikTok is not a learning platform

The platform is and remains an entertainment medium. Learning content is not separate from other content on TikTok. If your child uses the app to watch learning snacks, they can quickly end up on other profiles or videos that are simply entertaining and distracting. So it’s more of a nice value-add that comes with this campaign than a serious learning opportunity.

Every TikToker can tag their videos with the hashtag #lernenmittiktok. Nobody checks if the content is correct and helpful for learning. In this way, false and less well-researched information can also be disseminated. Children and young people often find it difficult to assess how trustworthy a source is. Therefore, talk to your child about fake news and take a close look at the profiles and content.

We can recommend some channels of experts from different fields:

  • On @dein_sprachcoach, German teacher Maria reveals her tricks and tips and helps all users who want to learn German.
  • Math teacher @daniel.jung helps kids and teens understand math better with his videos.
  • @Doc.felix gives health tips and educates about medical facts.
  • Legal questions are answered by @herr.anwalt in a very understandable and youth-friendly way and tips are given on how to deal with legal issues.
  • @simpleclub and @simpleclub.history make entertaining educational videos on topics around the world.
  • Questions about menstruation and female health are answered on @thefemalecompany.
  • @charly_schwarz is a photographer and helps with his videos all who also want to photograph professionally.
  • There are learning snacks about science and the environment on @quarks.
  • The @safespace.official team talks about intimate topics on physical and mental health.
  • Even @tagesschau is active on TikTok with various channels, explaining what’s happening in the world in short and understandable bites.

It’s great when kids learn about this content on TikTok, too, or maybe even create their own educational tidbits for friends. Thus, the platform can be a motivating support for learning.
The negative sides of the app do not disappear with it. Since it is a social media platform and users communicate with each other, there is also a risk of inappropriate content and bullying in the comment columns. Educate your child about the risks of the app and offer your support. Reassure your child that he or she can contact you at any time should he or she face cyberbullying or insults online.

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