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Unboxing – entertainment, information or product promotion?

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At Christmas, we not only unwrap presents ourselves, but we also watch others do so time and time again. This can be really fun. What is in the gift box and how does the person react to it? Something similar happens in so-called unboxing videos throughout the year. In the videos, people show how they unpack something. Mostly products that they have previously ordered. On video portals like YouTube, such videos are particularly popular and are watched by millions of people. But anyone who has seen an unboxing video will quickly realize that it is not always easy to distinguish between advertising and entertainment.

What is an unboxing video?

Unboxing videos (to unbox = to unpack) are online videos in which a person unboxes a product from its original box. The video shows up close how the specific product is removed from the packaging and then presented to the viewers down to the smallest detail, commented on and usually tried out.

Unboxing videos often appear in the so-called vlogging style and have characteristics of an explainer video. Technical devices such as smartphones, consoles or tablets are often unpacked in the videos, but toys, food or items of clothing also find a place of presentation in them.

Why are unboxing videos fascinating?

The reasons for the fascination with unboxing videos are very different. One of the reasons might be that viewers can’t get enough of the feeling of being able to unpack something, even to the point of watching other people do it – which incidentally even saves time and money. But it’s also about getting a first impression of a new product that viewers are interested in. But unlike advertisements from the manufacturer, the “unboxing producers” comment and rate in a seemingly open and honest way. Another motive is the possibility of interaction in a community, where queries about the product, comments as well as opinions can be shared. This also helps to identify with a product or to clearly differentiate from it.

What should you look for when your child wants to create unboxing videos on their own?

There’s not much to look for in an unboxing video as a parent. Basically, it is important that your child presents an original product and not, for example, a counterfeit, since the trademark owner has a vested interest in ensuring that foreign or counterfeit products are not attributed to him and could thus damage the trademark. If your child is interested in creating a video, accompany him/her in the process, present for example. a game you are convinced of and experience the world of games in a completely different way.


Unboxing videos offer many opportunities. From the fascination of unpacking, to pure information, to interaction, various interests can be served. Nevertheless, a watchful eye should always be kept when children use such videos or create them themselves. After all, unboxing videos are also advertising and consumer intentions can quickly reach their child unfiltered. So discuss what you’ve seen and make your child aware of any advertising intentions. Many influencers also refer to creating their videos as a job, as they are paid by companies to show and try out their products. As with many other activities online, be sure to accompany your child as they watch the videos. If you keep this in mind, nothing will stand in the way of fun watching. Pack – uh – try it out, too!

As an aside…

  • The information website Yahoo Tech launched the first real unboxing video back in 2006 and presented the Nokia E61 cell phone in it.
  • The interest in unboxing now seems so great that a private television station has already taken notice and is dedicating its own unboxing show for children to the whole topic.

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