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Children and news of the war

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The whole world is shocked by news about Russia’s attack on Ukraine. What leaves adults stunned is even more difficult for children to grasp. Keeping children away from the latest news is almost impossible. Therefore, it is better to accompany them, answer questions and be there.

These are the most important tips for dealing with terrible news for children and their parents:

Do not block, but take your child seriously!

Children often get more than adults think. Be responsive to questions and take your child’s feelings seriously. If he can talk about his worries, an important step towards processing has been taken. Comfort your child and give them a hug – it will give them peace of mind during these scary times!

Use games and conversations to process!

Younger children process things that occupy them in play or by drawing a picture. If your child doesn’t do it on their own, you can encourage them to do it and join in. Expressing yourself in pictures or text can also be a great way for older children and teens. But conversations and concrete information are also important for them. Show your child age-appropriate offerings and alert him or her to possible misinformation. Encourage your child to show you when he or she is sent frightening pictures and videos via social media or Messenger so you can talk about it.

Stay yourself!

Even as an adult, you have the right to be overwhelmed with the situation and the news. You do not have to be able to answer all the questions. Be honest with your child and show your ignorance or feelings related to the events in Ukraine. It is important that you do not avoid the topic.

In our article“News for children and young people” you will find more tips on how to deal with information and link tips to age-appropriate information offers suitable for children.

On FLIMMO you can read even more info on how to deal with the“war in Europe“. Our colleagues at fragFINN and Kindersache also have news and link tips suitable for children.

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