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Balance between protection and free space

Copyright: Ute Grabowsky/photothek.net

Children and adolescents are constantly looking for new spaces of experience, even those that are far from your control as parents. You must allow your child this freedom, because it is meaningful and necessary for him to develop independence. Children and young people today use this freedom especially in social networks such as
, on
or in computer games. Prohibiting access to these platforms in general is impossible and does not make sense from a pedagogical point of view. However, conscious or unconscious border crossings can also be carried out in these spaces. Your child is trying things out, for example, by watching content that is not intended for his or her age. The older your child gets, the greater his or her rights are and, accordingly, the more freedom he or she should have.

There is no simple solution to conflicts in dealing with media. It is helpful to establish common media rules. These should be understandable to all family members. Also, everyone should be included and they must apply to everyone.

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