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klicksafe is part of the EU initiative “Safety on the Net”. The website klicksafe.de provides independent information and materials on a wide range of online topics.

In a nutshell:

  • versatile and understandable content
  • multilingual information (language selection between Arabic, German, English, Russian and Turkish)
  • free use of the platform (without registration) no costs
  • Areas for different target groups: Children and adolescents, parents, teaching staff, among others).
  • also represented on social media

What can it do?

klicksafe has made it its goal to promote the online competence of all people in Germany, to support them with a variety of offers in the competent and critical use of the Internet and to show them the positive sides of the Internet.

klicksafe works in cooperation with other institutions on topics such as “shopping online”, digital games and problematic online content. For each topic there is general information, videos, articles, quizzes, games and learning materials. The content is presented in an understandable and appealing way for different age groups.

The site also provides information about Internet complaint hotlines and helplines. klicksafe organizes events and coordinates, among other things, the annual Safer Internet Day .

klicksafe publishes a monthly newsletter on current topics, with new information and event notices. Together with young people from the klicksafe Youth Panel, the cyberbullying first aid app was developed. In the app (free for Android and iOS), coaches give concrete tips on how to behave, encourage people and help them take action against cyberbullying.

Background knowledge for parents

In a separate information area, you can find answers to typical questions about media use in the family. There is information on media use by children over or under the age of 10.
klicksafe is a well-prepared information portal for all Internet users. Furthermore, klicksafe is a partner of our offer Elternguide.online.

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