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Whether Instagram, WhatsApp or YouTube – the vast majority of young people use digital media every day. Even though they teach themselves many things about it, they have questions from time to time. The page Handysektor.de offers information on online media especially for young people.

In a nutshell:

  • for teenagers from 10 to 18 years
  • free of advertising and free of charge
  • accessible via website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and X
  • Offer of the Baden-Württemberg State Communications Authority (LFK)

What does Handysektor offer?

The smartphone is important for young people to communicate and act out. The range of apps and channels is constantly increasing. This can also be overwhelming and lead to questions: How can you tell if an app really delivers what it promises? How do I handle it when I get nasty comments on my selfie?

Handysektor wants to help young people with such issues and promote safe and competent media use. On the website, they can get tips and information on new apps and learn about the pros and cons as well as possible cost traps. Important and current topics of the digital everyday life of young people such as sexting, cyberbullying or data protection are explained briefly and understandably and tips on how to deal with them are given. On Handysektor ‘s YouTube channel, young people can find explanatory videos on various apps and instructions with creative ideas. In the Stories on Instagram, presenter Kim talks true to life about current trends and gives tips.

What fascinates young people about it?

Handysektor is aimed specifically at young people. The information is understandable and is disseminated not only via the website, but also via the channels that young people primarily use, such as YouTube and Instagram. In adolescence, your child wants to get information on his or her own. At Handysektor, they will find factual and youth-friendly information – even on topics that your child may not want to discuss with friends or family members.

What should parents pay attention to?

As a parent, you would prefer to always be the first point of contact for your child. With puberty, however, friends become more and more important and your child no longer comes to you right away with every problem. Nevertheless, be approachable and point your child to good offers like Handysektor or Juuuport. Check with your child regularly. Even with older children, it is important that he knows you have his back. Show interest in your child’s media use and encourage a self-responsible and competent approach to media. Handysektor ‘s offer can support this.

Some of the topics may not be suitable for children under ten. Especially posts on topics like cybergrooming, sexting or pornography can still be confusing for younger children. For them there are alternative offers such as Scroller.de or Kindersache.de.

Make up your own mind about what was discussed and talk about it with your child. Even though Handysektor is aimed at young people, you can also get information there. This can enhance your communication with each other and help you gain insight into your child’s digital daily life.

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