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It all started as a tutoring channel on YouTube. Today, simpleclub is much more and the explanatory videos found there are also used in teaching, for example. Thesimpleclub learning app is designed to help students prepare effectively for an exam.

In a nutshell:

  • offers a very wide range of learning and explanatory videos on various YouTube channels and in the learning app
  • Learning materials from grade 7
  • App available as free and paid version (Basic, Unlimited Version) for all operating systems

What is simpleclub?

The service is advertised as “Germany’s most intelligent learning app” because the learning content is to be adapted to the individual user. Originally, simpleclub only had explanatory videos on YouTube. Meanwhile, in addition to learning videos, the app also provides practice exercises and summaries that can be used to work through school topics.

Due to the simple language and the visual support with e.g. arrows, pictures and symbols, the videos are very suitable to better understand certain topics or to consolidate the content of the topic.

The Youtube presence of simpleclub consists of several channels, divided according to different subject areas (German, biology, geography, history, mathematics, economics, etc.). There are regularly new learning videos on various topics (such as biology: nerve cell, mathematics: sine and cosine derivation). The videos are no more than ten minutes long and explain various topics in a simple and interesting way. It is noticeable that casual language is always used in the videos.

In addition, an individual study plan can be created via the app, which enables better preparation for upcoming exams. In the free version of the app, there is only a selection of videos. The paid basic version (approx. 4,- €/month) contains all videos. With the Unlimited Version (approx. 8,- €/month) the individual learning plans can be created including interactive exercises, detailed solution paths and a finished summary as download. The individual adaptation of the contents is done by specifying one’s own federal state and which type of school one attends.

What fascinates young people about it?

The presentation of the videos appeals to young people because they don’t come across as dull and matter-of-fact, but instead use casual language. In between, funny video sequences or emojis are inserted, which combine learning with fun. The videos are short and do not require a long attention span. Basically, children and young people are familiar with explainer videos on YouTube and like to use them.

The people behind simpleclub seem likeable and are closer in age to the students’ lives than many a teacher. For many young people they are certainly role models and offer a change from the monotonous school lessons.

What can be problematic about the offer?

It’s not entirely clear who creates the videos. The provider’s website says it is a team “of students from the best universities in Germany.” Whether they have experience in creating learning materials in addition to professional knowledge remains unclear.

The presentation of simpleclub is very professional, but at the same time it looks like a big advertising offer. Both on the website, in the app and on YouTube – everywhere there are ads and notices that you should register with simpleclub for a fee.

There is a large amount of videos on the various YouTube channels. It is not easy to find the right one for you there. Again, the providers want you to use their paid offer and makes it difficult for users of the free videos.

What does the provider think?

The operators of simpleclub – Alexander Giesecke and Nicolai Schork – say they regularly read through requests for new videos and suggestions for improvement and also address them in their videos. For example, they responded by lowering the price of their app because some students were concerned they would not be able to afford it. During the Corona crisis, they offer schools free aid packages of their videos.

What should parents pay attention to?

As with all videos on the net, it should be noted that not all of them are good and correct. Therefore, when choosing, it is best to pay attention to how other users comment on the videos. If you are unsure if a video is true, you can also play a video to teachers and other adults who know about the topic and ask for advice. Then the videos can be a good supplement to the school lessons and for learning at home.

Try out the offers from simpleclub first via YouTube or the free version of the app before you sign up for a subscription. Try it out to see if your child can learn with it and talk about it with your child.

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