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School and daycare closed! What now? – Tips for learning at home

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What to do when the child sits at home because the school is closed, although it is not a vacation. Parentsguide.online has a few suggestions on how to learn without going to school:

– Our article Tutoring on the Internet – Lessons are just a click away is about the benefits of learning videos, online tutoring services and more.

YouTube is one of the most popular online platforms for children and young people. There are not only funny videos with high entertainment value. As in our post When Videos on the Internet Replace the Encyclopedia you can also learn a lot here.

– In times of crisis, it is especially important for children to understand why adults are restless. For this purpose, news for children are suited best because they explain current information in a way that is appropriate for children.

– Even watching movies or series can teach you something! Why not try watching your child’s favorite show in English together.

– Computer games can also help you learn things, as our post Improving skills with online gaming explains. Play is also a principle of various learning opportunities: Making life a game with Gamification.

– For younger children who do not yet go to school but normally go to daycare, suitable learning tools include Digital story apps.

– When it shouldn’t always be the TV or tablet: The range of podcasts on a wide range of topics for children of all ages is huge.

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