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Children and young people are passionate about video games and gaming. This often raises the question of how suitable the various digital games are. On spielbar.de, selected games (e.g. for Xbox, PC, Playstation or Nintendo Switch) are examined and reviewed with an educational eye.

In a nutshell:

  • Assessments of video games for older children (from about 10 years) and adolescents.
  • Basic information and pedagogical assessments
  • Parents guide for orientation in everyday life
  • free of charge usable via the browser
  • Offer financed with public funds and therefore independent of the games industry

How is Spielbar structured?

There is a diverse selection of game reviews on the platform. Computer games that are well received by children and young people and are particularly popular are rated. Games with learning effect can also be found in the database.
The reviews contain a general and objective description of the game with information about the story, gameplay and game objective. In addition, there is a personal and pedagogical assessment of the game that describes what the learning objectives of the game are and what the risks might be. This includes, for example, educating people about the violent content of digital games.
In addition to game ratings, the online platform also features a guide for parents. Questions about the everyday use of media and video games are answered there, for example:

  • What should be considered when choosing video games?
  • How can you arrange playtimes with your children?
  • At what point are certain gambling habits questionable?

In addition, the website has a glossary that explains a wide variety of gaming terms.

Is Spielbar also something for children and teenagers?

The website is also interesting for teenagers and children, because they can get information about games through it. They can also see which games are appropriate for their age.

What should parents pay attention to?

The game ratings on the website tell parents from what age their child can benefit from the games’ learning opportunities. The ratings are not to be compared with the age rating from the USK. The USK often pays attention to the potential danger and refers to how much violence is shown in the games. So it can be that a game, which is recommended by the USK for children from 6 by playable but only for children from 12 years. One of the reasons for this is that six-year-olds cannot yet understand the content of the game.

It is important that you do not blindly rely on recommendations and USK classifications when choosing video games. Each child develops individually and processes impressions differently. Use different game reviews, ask other parents for experiences, and try the game yourself if possible. Talk to your child about the computer games they play or would like to play. Don’t ban digital games outright, but explain your concerns so your child understands when he or she is not allowed to play a game. Ask why your child is interested in certain video games, have them explain and maybe even show you.

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