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Once around the world – go on a voyage of discovery with online games

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Where is Cyprus actually located? What does Argentina look like? And which flag is striped yellow-green-red?* Our planet is diverse and worth exploring. Online games invite you to go on a virtual journey and learn more about countries, cities, oceans, volcanoes and more. We present selected geography games for different age groups.

Where am I? Travel to the end of the world with Google Street View

Imagine being abandoned in a place somewhere in the world and having to figure out where you are based on clues. This is what the Swedish geography game is about Geoguessr which is currently very popular among streamers. Players find themselves at the beginning randomly on a Google Street View image of a street or road. Use arrow keys to move through landscapes, villages and cities. They look around, zoom in on road signs, license plates or plants, and search for clues to their virtual whereabouts. Based on this, they try to place their pin as accurately as possible on the world map. The true location is then displayed and a score is assigned depending on the distance to your own tip. In the free version, the game time is limited. The paid Pro account allows you to play for an unlimited period of time and to play together with up to 20 friends in Battle Royal mode. Age recommendation: from 10 years(Spielatgeber NRW).

Which river is that? Answer tricky quiz questions around the world

For children from elementary school age, the educational games on Toporopa are intended. Here, everything revolves around the European continent. Whether it’s matching flags, identifying rivers or guessing capitals – children and young people will find learning stimuli and fun all in one. Before each game, you can expand your knowledge in the library or on the map. Afterwards, the learning success is checked by quizzes. If you want to test your knowledge of the world, you are at World Quiz Geography right. The two Dutch websites can be used in several languages and get by with little advertising. Age recommendation: from 8 years(Internet-ABC).

Where is what? Simple learning games for PC novices

Playing alone, with friends or against the computer – that’s possible in the learning games on LearningApps . Children from preschool age onwards can play games such as the Germany Quiz put their knowledge to the test. Those who create an account on LearningApps can create and share their own interactive learning games, called apps. These are, for example, matching exercises, multiple-choice questions or cloze tests. Behind LearningApps is a Swiss association, the website is ad-free. Age recommendation: depending on the game from preschool to high school.

What should parents pay attention to?

Whether for wanderlust or thirst for knowledge – geography games offer good entertainment, expand knowledge and satisfy many a longing. Play different geography games together with your child and virtually travel our world without any luggage. Keep in mind:

  • Free online games are usually financed by selling user data. Be sparing with your data and your child’s data. When setting up game accounts, pay attention to the settings for using your data.
  • Show your child how to recognize advertising and encourage a conscious and critical approach to online ads. If possible, use ad blockers for your browser.
  • Together with your child, agree on rules for media use in the family and consider how much screen time is appropriate.
  • Choose online games carefully and learn about the background of game sites on the net.
  • Educationally valuable offers can be found, for example, via the children’s search engines fragFINN and Blinde Kuh.

*Answers to the questions in the introduction

1. Cyprus is located in the southeastern Mediterranean Sea between Lebanon and Turkey.

From the rainforest to the pampas and the Patagonian coast, Argentina’s landscape is diverse and, above all, vast.

3. Lithuania’s flag has three horizontal stripes in yellow, green and red.

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