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Popular games: Lost Ark

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Mysterious stories, enchanting castles in the air, magical creatures and epic battles – if you want to be a heroine or hero in a fictional fantasy world and save it from demonic attacks, Lost Ark is the right choice for you. Amazon Games online game is very popular among teenagers. Here you can find out what it’s all about!

In brief

  • Age rating (according to USK): 16 years and older
  • different game modes, e.g. as a single player or in a team
  • free game
  • includes in-game purchases
  • only playable online on Windows PC

What is Lost Ark?

The Lost Ark game is a so-called MMORPG. This abbreviation stands for “Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game” and means that players can take on different roles online, share a world and play together with strangers or friends. In Lost Ark, the game is played from the perspective of a hero or heroine. The main mission (also called quest) is to protect the fantasy world from demons. This is achieved by the hero or heroine collecting the lost arks (“Lost Arks”). There are five types of characters: Warrior, Martial Artist, Cannoneer, Mage or Assassin. Players can freely create up to twelve characters, play them in turn, and gradually expand them. If you don’t feel like doing the main quests, you can switch to the side quests and fight against other game ends in arenas, hunt monsters in groups of friends or improve your characters and their equipment.

What fascinates young people about Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is about heroines and heroes, demons and conquests – many young people are enthusiastic about such stories. The imaginative design with its diverse and detailed play world offers youngsters plenty of room for discovery. Thanks to the freely-creatable characters, youngsters can let their imagination run wild, collect different equipment and customize their characters with different skins.

Lost Ark offers teens a wealth of gaming opportunities. If you don’t feel like doing quests, you can explore dungeons, go on adventures or fight other players in the arena.

What can be problematic about the game?

The game contains depictions of violence that may overwhelm persons under the age of 16.

Lost Ark is a free game and thus completely playable without the use of real money. In the game is traded with crystals. Those who successfully complete quests receive crystals for them. There are also various paid starter packs that grant access to more crystals, better equipment and temporary bonuses. These purchased advantages cause game players to progress faster. Lost Ark is therefore accused of being a so-called PTW game (pay-to-win). Only after playing the main quests from level 50 on, the fight against the strongest, the so-called boss opponents, really starts. This can tempt youngsters, especially in the early stages, to make in-game purchases to reach higher levels faster.

Gamers can use the in-game chat to exchange information while playing Lost Ark. Here, contact may be made by strangers, which is associated with risks such as cybergrooming.

What does the provider think?

The provider of the game is Amazon Games. By playing Lost Ark and using the Lost Ark website, the Amazon Privacy Notice applies.

Amazon Gaming provides the ability to report gamers who cheat, harass, or otherwise violate the Code of Conduct.

Amazon Games and the operators of Lost Ark are active on X and their website, where information such as server problems and new updates are shared.

What should parents pay attention to?

Lost Ark is not suitable for children and younger teenagers due to the depictions of violence and the age rating by USK and PEGI. Basically, as a parent you should take the official age restrictions of the youth media protection seriously. Always choose media content based on your child’s age and developmental level. The USK has cleared the game for ages 16 and up, since fights and violent confrontations take place within the storyline. The pan-European age rating system PEGI has even approved the game only from 18 years old, because the game contains violence, such as the gratuitous killing of innocent characters.

Lost Ark tempts you to make in-game purchaseswith the use of real money. Talk with your child about if and when he or she may purchase items. If your child downloaded Lost Ark via Steamyou can restrict certain features of Lost Ark, such as in-game purchases, in Family View. With it, you’ll be able to let your child play Lost Ark without fear of accidental costs.

Talk to your child about responsible use of online chats and what risks are involved. If strangers want to contact your child, he or she should be careful and not pass on any personal data. Make it clear to your child that he or she can turn to you at any time when confronted with unpleasant or frightening content.

The captivating game world allows your child to quickly forget about time. As a parent, you should make sure that your child does not overexert himself while playing. Together with your child, determine when and for how long he or she may play. Agree together when and if you (need to) control media time.

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