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Scroller – the media magazine for children

2 minutes reading time
6-13 years
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The media magazine Scroller is intended to introduce children to current media topics and support them in a competent use of YouTube and the like. The characters Trixi and Tom guide your child through the world of media.

In a nutshell:

  • suitable for children from 9-12 years
  • free of charge
  • No advertising
  • available digitally and as a print edition

What is Scroller and what does it offer?

Scroller is an offer of Teachtoday, an initiative of the German Telekom. It deals with everyday topics such as cyberbullying, data protection on social media channels and conspiracy theories – in a child-friendly and playful form. Children are encouraged to deal with current topics in the media world.

The magazine can be read digitally on the website or ordered free of charge as a brochure. In addition to a German and English version, the magazine is also available in Arabic.

What fascinates children about it?

The content of the media magazine is geared to the everyday lives of children. It’s about issues they deal with every day. The website is colorfully designed and offers many options. Young readers can take tests on their own media literacy , watch videos with craft instructions, and click through the picture stories. In the format “The Children’s Reporters”, children themselves have their say, conduct interviews and shoot short reports.

What do parents need to know?

Scroller ‘s website can be visited by children without any risk. No advertising is displayed and no data is requested. There is no way to communicate or get in touch with each other through the website. However, through links on the website, kids can quickly land on YouTube and easily access other content.

Because of the many icons and related links, it can be a little more difficult for younger children to find their way around the website on their own. There is an enclosed parenting guide in the print edition of Scroller . This way, you can discover the world of media together and discuss media topics with your child.

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