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YouTube in the family

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Your child also admires one or more YouTube stars and would love to watch videos all the time? Then we have a few tips on how to regulate YouTube usage in your family. Note that not every tip is appropriate for every age of child.

Our tips for all ages

  • Media time: Depending on your child’s age, arrange fixed YouTube times when he or she is allowed to watch videos. Discuss possible consequences if times are ever not met. For example, you can use a media usage agreement.
  • Commercial breaks: YouTubers usually earn money with their videos in the form of embedded advertising. The currency on YouTube is attention: the more subscribers a YouTuber or YouTuberess has and the more clicks a video has, the more advertising revenue is generated. Explain to your child how money is made through their behavior on YouTube.
  • YouTube stars are often so-called influencers. Sponsored content or product placements can be difficult for adolescents to recognize and see through.

Our tips for toddlers and children of primary school age

  • Security settings: YouTube is not a platform for children, even if a lot of content there is exciting for them. To prevent your child from viewing inappropriate, offensive or cruel videos, enable YouTube parental controls with the “restricted mode” option. You can find detailed instructions here.
  • Video Playback: If your child is allowed to watch more than one video, add the selected videos to the playlist so that you decide and know which video will play next.
  • Child-friendly offer: For younger children – up to elementary school age – we recommend the YouTube Kids app.

Our tips for teenagers

  • Popular offers: Show interest and stay in the conversation! Have a conversation with your child about what excites them about YouTube and its stars. Let them show you videos and explain the fascination with them without giving the impression that you are trying to control your son or daughter.
  • YouTube account: Discuss with your child what it means to register on YouTube to leave comments or upload your own YouTube videos. According to the GTC, users of the platform in Germany must be at least 16 years old. With your consent, use by children over the age of 13 is also possible. You can use Family Link to create and manage a Google Account for your minor child until they are old enough. Controlling a child’s YouTube use with a parent’s Google account – called parental controls – is possible but still in the testing phase. Read more directly on the pages of YouTube. There are also certain guidelines and laws that must be observed – such as copyright and the right to one’s own image. For more tips to keep in mind if your child wants to be an active YouTube creator, check out our post My child wants to be a YouTuber – now what?

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