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Instagram Reels

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Instagram is one of the most popular apps among teenagers. In addition to photos and videos, creative short videos in TikTok style have also been able to be published on the social network for some time.

In a nutshell:

  • Short video format: maximum 30 seconds
  • Effects, music and filters for video production
  • merge several clips into one video
  • Reels can be published without being displayed in your own feed

What’s so special about Instagram Reels?

Instagram is part of everyday life for many young people and they know their way around the app. Young users are curious and always on the lookout for new trends. To keep the younger target group in particular from switching to the competition, Instagram Reels, the creative short video format, was introduced.

Instagram is owned by Facebook and has previously mimicked successful formats from other apps. For example, longer videos can be viewed on IGTV (Instagram TV) along the lines of YouTube, and the Story function was first seen on Snapchat.

Reels are not displayed in the normal feed (like the videos from IGTV), but by clicking on the video icon, which can be found at the bottom, top or via the magnifying glass (search), depending on the device and operating system. You often see videos here that are also available on TikTok. So the young video makers simply show them on different channels.

What should parents pay attention to?

With Instagram Reels, there are the same risks as with other video formats: When watching the short videos, children and young people can come into contact with inappropriate content. Young users who publish videos of themselves must expect negative reactions and so-called hate. Reels can be shared by other users and thus seen by many users.

Ask your child what they are looking at on such platforms and talk to them about it. Point out potential dangers and show them ways to block users or content. If it wants to publish its own videos, you should consider together how it will show itself there. Learn more in our Instagram tool description.

Many young people are afraid of missing out on social networks. At the beginning, a new app or function often leads to the fact that it does not replace other applications, but is used in addition. The total usage time may therefore increase. Keep an eye on your child’s media use and also talk to them about what constitutes conscious use of social networks. If your child wants to create a TikTok account but you are critical of the app, Reels can be an alternative if your child already uses Instagram. Keep in mind, however, that Instagram is similarly criticized as TikTok, for example, on the topic of data privacy. Avoid giving out personal information. Check the app permissions and set them accordingly.

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