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Surf safely with the fragFINN app

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6-13 years
Tool description
Foto. fragFINN e.V.

In a nutshell:

  • Child protection app for 6 to 12 year olds
  • safe surfing space consisting of several thousand checked websites (children’s sites and other harmless websites)
  • Available for free for smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS and Fire OS)

What is the fragFINN app?

fragFINN is a children’s search engine that provides adolescents with a protected surfing space with harmless content. With fragFINN‘s child protection app, children only move around in this surfing space. The basis of the child search engine is the so-called positive list. This is a list of websites that have been tested and deemed safe. Thus, the search engine searches only the websites that are on the positive list. Since your child is in a closed surfing space with the app, he or she can therefore only access the websites that are included in the safe list. If your child is on a verified website and clicks on an external link that is not approved (for example YouTube or Amazon), a so-called stop page appears with the notice that the website is not part of the fragFINN surfing space. So your child will not be able to access this page.

What fascinates children and young people about it?

Many children use the fragFINN children’s search engine because it is easier for them to find content there that is made especially for them. This is because many children’s sites are difficult to find via the usual search engines. In fragFINN, these are displayed preferentially. Thus, the fragFINN app can be used for homework research as well as for playing games during free time.

What does the provider think?

With the children’s search engine, the provider fragFINN e.V. pursues the goal of providing children between the ages of 6 and 12 with a protected digital space and offering young children in particular a safe start on the Internet.

What should parents pay attention to?

Children’s search engines are a very good introduction to the Internet. With them, children learn how to use search engines properly. You will learn search techniques and understand the principle of a search engine. Keep in mind, however, that children’s search engines like fragFINN are maintained manually, which means that only those websites that have been pre-screened and included will be found. So be aware that your child won’t find every piece of information he or she is looking for, and child search engines will reach their limits at some point. Use the opportunity to make the provider aware if you are shown content that is not suitable for children or if you are missing children’s pages. In this way, the fragFINN surfing space can be improved and expanded. Learn more here.

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